Mother’s Day 2021

Chinese characters for Mother's Day

The 2021 Mother’s Day stall

The Mother’s Day stall at my child’s school was extra special this year because it did not go ahead in 2020. As such, I wanted to make a personal contribution that I would love to receive as a Mum.

I was very proud to donate these framed Chinese characters that I hand painted to help raise funds for the Parents and Community (P&C) Association.

The meaning behind the Chinese characters

The Chinese characters that I selected were beautiful to look at and really positive in their meaning. My hope was that these characters were chosen for someone’s mother or their mother figure.

The first Chinese character is “ma” and the direct translation is mother.

ma which means Mum for Mother's Day

The second Chinese character is “fu” which means good fortune.

fu which means good fortune for Mother's Day

And the third and final Chinese character is “xi” which means joy.

xi which means joy for Mother's Day

Want to gift a Chinese character to someone special?

If you would like a hand painted Chinese character for someone special, please contact Caroline at CGM Marketing and Design.

Caroline can work with you to select the most suitable Chinese character and she will paint it for you and prepare it for framing. Send your request to Caroline at